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Mobile Application Development Solutions For Your Business

In the first quarter of 2009 alone, over 50 million smartphones were sold. Businesses are poised to grab a piece of this lucrative market. If your company is ready to add iPhone, Blackberry, Android or iPad software to your product line, Revolution Web has the mobile application development expertise you need.

Valuable Tools

Modern smartphones, such as Blackberries, iPhones and Droids, carry more computer power than desktops did a few years ago. Mobile application development goes beyond creating a calculator or simple game. Today`s mobile apps are sophisticated programs bursting with features and, no matter what industry you are in, you can find an application which will help your customers.

Medical offices offer applications which make it easy to track diet and exercise, help people quit smoking or remind them when to take medication. Travel agents provide translators and currency convertors. IT equipment vendors distribute utility software which monitor company networks.

Mobile application development also lets you develop tools for your employees. Investment brokers check the state of the market at any time, real estate agents call up local listings and warehouse personnel track work orders and inventory all from their phones.

Effective Marketing

Many businesses are interesting in mobile application development to create new products for sale since the app market has proven to be so lucrative. Others want practical utilities they can give to smartphone users for free to promote their companies.

Any useful program which is going to be accessed often is a great way to get your company`s name in people`s minds. Every time a person uses your free app they are reminded of how helpful your organization is. It`s the same reason that every year your real estate agent sends you a calendar and your insurance agent sends address labels. However mobile apps have the added bonus that once they are developed they have no additional distribution cost so your organization gets free advertising.

Why You Should Choose Revolution Web

We have long experience in mobile application development on all of the major smartphone platforms. Some of the projects we have worked on include:
  • Mobile Games
  • Asset Tracking
  • Business & Sales
  • Banking and Finance
  • Productivity
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Time and Materials Tracking
  • Work Order Management
  • Networking/Bluetooth
  • Widgets
  • Integration with Enterprise
  • Theme, Mock, Icon Design
  • Web Service Integration
  • Communication
  • Office/Business
  • Multimedia
  • Travel
  • Internet
  • Security Applications

Our Expertise in J2ME Mobile Application Development includes:
  • Native J2ME Application based on CLDC/MIDP
  • Blackberry Application Development
  • Bluetooth Application for Mobile
  • JSR 75 based development on J2ME.
  • Native Blackberry device application
  • XMPP based Chat Service Application Development
  • Development with Facebook APIs
Give your customers exciting new applications for their smartphones. Call Revolution Web at
(954) 780-3711 for a free consultation and discover why we are the mobile phone application development experts.