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Is Your Website Mobile?

It is estimated there are over 1.3 billion mobile phones worldwide and most of those have some kind of internet access. With a growing number of hits coming from mobile devices, is your website ready?

Why You Need A Mobile Website

For most businesses the web is a major source of contact with customers. For many it is the only source of contact. Every time a web user comes to your site but finds it confusing or inaccessible, you just lost a potential sale.

A few years ago web design focused on browser neutrality. Sites weren`t designed for IE or Firefox or Safari or any other browser, but designed to be functional regardless of what software was being used. This wasn`t hard since in most cases websites look the same regardless of the browser.

The same cannot be said of mobile browsers. Mobile phones because of their small screens, slower connections and limited browsing capabilities have created a new challenge.

Mobile Website Creation

Sites which are not designed specifically as mobile website are difficult to access through phone browsers. Pages meant to be viewed at high resolution require mobile users to fish around, getting glimpses of different parts of the page and scrolling through page after page of text to find what they want. Phones which don`t support technologies such as Flash are unable to access sites which depend on those features.

Mobile website development incorporates the unique features of mobile browsing from the beginning. Pages are laid out efficiently to be viewed as many small pieces rather than a few large ones. Navigation links are frequent and users find movement through the site effortless.

This doesn`t need to affect the main site design. Scripts can detect whether the user is mobile or not and serve up different versions of the site depending on the browser.

Revolution Web Knows Mobile Websites

We recognized the potential of mobile web surfing at an early stage and set out to understand the special aspects to successful mobile website development. Our many years of mobile design have given us special insight into how to create pages which pack a lot of information into the small screen of a mobile phone.

Lots of companies claim to offer mobile website development but in many cases they really take a normal site design and call it mobile. We offer complete redevelopment of your site from the ground up with mobile users in mind. You don`t just need web designers; you need mobile experts.

Tap into a new market sector by catering to the mobile user. Call (954) 780-3711 for a free consultation and let Revolution Web bring your website into the 21st century.