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Professional Greeting Messages: A Big Advantage For Your Company

When you run a business, you know that the first impression is everything. Many of your clients will decide in minutes whether to use your company, or to choose another one. But you can't always have your staff manning the phones; you need a professional greeting message so you can have a strong presence whenever your clients or potential prospects call.

What Type Of Professional Greeting Message Works Best For Your Company?

Revolution Web gives you complete control over the image your professional greeting message presents. We will help you choose the type of 'read' your professional greeting message should have. Read is an industry term for how strongly your message presents your sales objective. You can choose a hard sell, a major sales push that works well in tough markets. This type of read makes a great professional greeting message for any business that needs to make a strong impression.

A medium sell creates neutral professional greeting messages. This type of read isn't as strong as a hard sell, which is better for companies that don't want to push their products quite so heavily. This type of professional greeting message tends to make a positive impression on clients without making them feel too much pressure to buy.

A soft sell is best when your company seeks a relaxed atmosphere and just the slightest pushing of its products. Many spas and massage services seek this type of read for their professional greeting messages because the right read has a calming influence the exact atmosphere that these businesses want. Whatever your business style and needs, Revolution Web will help you find the perfect read for your professional greeting messages.

Easy, Inexpensive Add-ons For Professional Greeting Messages

Every Revolution Web professional greeting message allows you to choose your own script, pick your own talent, and determine the type of sell style you want. But on top of that, there are extras you can include that will take your message to the next level. Add music to complement the script. Avoid the hassle of installation by having Revolution Web take care of it for you. You can even have us incorporate an entire 800 number virtual phone system alongside your professional greeting messages. If you want something done, just ask us Revolution Web will do our best to make it possible.

Ready to make a great impression with a professional greeting message? Contact Revolution Web today to learn more or get your quote by calling 954-780-3711.

Male Talent Female Talent
Professional-Great for Services Companies


Professional, announcer with a British accent


Older, professional, announcer, characters


Young, edgy, announcer


Professional and Friendly


Professional, with a Soft Timbre


Young, bubbly, fun


Seasoned, deep


Professional, announcer with a British accent


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