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Let Revolution Web Help You Become PCI Compliant


If your company accepts payment via credit cards, you need to be aware of the PCI DSS: the payment card industry data standard. It's a set of official standards for online security that ensures information remains secure. It is officially maintained by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, created by the major credit card companies to keep credit card transactions secure across the internet.

Why Be PCI Compliant?

Although the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council is the most widely recognized group of experts on credit card security, their recommendations for security are not required by law. However, a PCI compliant website may well be required by your credit card processing provider or your web host. If not, it will likely be required by your clients.

There are few people who will buy online without ensuring that all proper security measures are in place. People are more aware of identity theft than ever before; to make them feel safe trusting you with their credit card information, you need to be PCI compliant. You need to show them that you've taken the time to safeguard your website. Otherwise, you'll be missing out on valuable business just because you don't meet the Payment Card Industry Data Standard.

It Doesn't Take Much To Meet The Payment Card Industry Data Standard

Revolution Web specializes in PCI compliant web development and Linux & Windows Servers Security. Whether you have a new website that needs to meet the Payment Card Industry Data Standard or an older website that needs its security evaluated, we can provide the service your company needs. For new websites, we'll ensure that you start off on the right foot by setting up a secure and reliable method for processing information. We will close off access to suspicious ports, ensure that the SMTP server runs only in the proper locations, and confirm the proper use of your SSL license.

For existing websites, we'll do a complete examination from the ground up. If you've had a complaint about your PCI compliance, we'll start with any specifics of the complaint. Once we determine all Vulnerabilities, we'll fix them, but we'll go beyond that. We'll examine the code of your site and the underlying encryption through the SSL, plus we'll take a look at possible non-standard port issues with your SMTP. Whether your problem is simple or complex, Revolution Web will provide you with a PCI compliant site when we're done. We're so confident in our great service that we offer a money back guarantee on our PCI compliant web page services. We know that our proprietary analysis tools and years of experience will solve any problem you might have. If we can't make it right for you, you don't pay a thing.

Blocked? Hacked? Revolution Web Will Fix It, Or Your Money Back

Hacked? Not a problem, we can fix it. Blocked by Google or other major search engines? We won't stop working for you until your website is 'greenlisted' where it counts.

You can protect yourself and your customers with the Payment Card Industry Data Standard. Contact Revolution Web and make your website PCI compliant today.

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