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Feed Management

Revolution Web's feed management service takes structured information that describes the products and services you sell from your website and optimizes that data before submitting it to the appropriate shopping search engines. This ensures your listing will appear in the algorithms of the organic search results for the search engines specializing in consumer shopping.

A structured and automated text file, a feed follows specific conditions dictated by every different shopping comparison search engine. After submitting a feed from your website to a shopping comparison search engine, the pages submitted will appear within the index of pages upon a web search by a potential customer. However, the shopping engine will not guarantee a specific ranking within these search results.
Shopping engines base ranking position on the algorithm used for calculating the relevance of a website for a specific keyword search. This makes optimized feed management critical.

Revolution Web offers a complete feed management solution that meets the needs of any shopping campaign. Our feed management service works to increase your profits while identifying losing strategies and enhancing your online marketing productivity.

Our Feed Management Benefits
  • Optimization of your feed management data
  • Accurate submission of optimized feeds with required information to shopping comparison search engines
  • A dedicated support team of expert feed management professionals committed to your business needs
Feed Management Shopping Comparison Engines
  • BizRate
  • DealTime
  • Epinions
  • Google Base
  • NexTag
  • PriceGrabber
  • PriceTool
  • Shopping
  • Shopzilla
  • Yahoo! Shopping

To learn more about how our feed management service can increase your profits, just fill out our Fast Contact Form or call (954) 780-3711 to speak with a feed management expert at Revolution Web today.

*BizRate, DealTime, Epinions, Google, Base, NexTag, PriceGrabber, PriceTool, Shopping, Shopzilla, Yahoo! Shopping logos are Trademarks of their respective companies and are not affiliated with Revolution Flyers, Inc.