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Pay Per Click

If you are looking for the fastest way to get targeted traffic to your website, the answer is pay per click marketing. Paying for a top ranking in the paid listings of the search engines might sound like a simple process, but it's actually quite complex. The best and most cost effective campaigns come with keyword research and a solid pay per click strategy.

Revolution Web can come up with a pay per click strategy that will bring qualified traffic to your website within minutes. We can also take over the maintenance for an existing campaign, whether you set it up yourself or switch to our service from another company.

Choosing Keywords

Keywords are the most critical part of any pay per click strategy. Not choosing the right keywords is like shooting at a target blindfolded. You may never hit your target and yet will spend a great deal of time and money trying. With a laser-targeted list of well-researched keywords, you'll hit the target every time.

Choosing tightly focused keywords is a pay per click strategy that takes more than a few minutes of digging with a keyword tool. Revolution Web knows how to zoom in on the keywords that will get you the qualified traffic you need to produce sales fast without breaking your budget.

Ad Copy

Make your keywords sing to potential customers with compelling ad copy. Good copy for your pay per click campaign can make the difference in getting the click or someone else getting the click. Revolution Web's writers have the expertise to create ad copy that compels qualified traffic to click through to visit your website.

Placing Your Bids

Even if you choose the right keywords and have great copy, you can get into trouble with your pay per click strategy if you don't manage your bids well. Bidding correctly can bring you the profits you desire without wasting money where you don't need to. Revolution Web can set bid amounts for your campaign that get you the traffic you need without spending money unnecessarily.

Maintaining Your Account

You can't just 'set and forget' pay per click strategy -- even if it's profitable. Success comes through diligent maintenance and by tweaking campaigns as you keep an eye on your competitors and what's happening in your market. Business owners have plenty to do without having to watch their pay per click campaigns day in and day out. Revolution Web has the dedicated personnel and knowledge needed to maintain your account to minimize costs and maximize return.

Tracking And Reporting

You can't know the true success of your pay per click strategy without tracking and reporting with details that break down to the results of each individual keyword, including click through rates and conversion rates. Revolution Web offers tracking and reporting as part of our pay per click strategy service that keeps you up to date on the success of your campaigns. Revolution Web can increase your profits through our proven pay per click strategy service.

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  PPC Management Packages
Monthly PPC Spend with PPC networks $7501+   $2501 to $7500   Up to $2500
Keywords in campaign Up to 10,000   Up to 2000   Up to 400
Google PPC Network    
Advanced keywords research    
Competitor analysis    
Ad campaign copywriting    
Ad copy performance testing    
Ongoing keywords development and tweaking    
Google analytics integration and goal tracking    
Results analysis / reporting    
Strategic bid management    
PPC account settings monitoring (Ex. geotargeting)    
Facebook Market Place Ad    
Up to 3 personal consultations per month    
Monitoring clicks, conversations and fraud activity    
Multivariant testing on landing page    
Account Structure: One time set up fee $1200   $800   $650
Monthly Management Flat Cost 16% of monthly budget

  14% of monthly budget


Enter Your Monthly $ Budget  

3 months minimum agreement

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