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SEO Maintenance Can Keep Site Traffic Steady

After your new website is up and running, the work is not done. Your website may have been optimized to current market conditions but as circumstances change, your site has to change with them. This is why our SEO maintenance plans are a key part of your online marketing efforts. SEO maintenance plans are ever-changing since Google is constantly changing and updating the algorithm and the way it ranks sites.

Website Content Analysis

Content is king when it comes to website popularity. Your website content must be written to appeal both to your human visitors and the search engines, but it can be Content is king when it comes to website popularity. Your website content must be written to appeal both to your human visitors and the search engines, but it can be difficult to balance those two.

The way a given search engine rates sites is a closely guarded secret and there are many theories about how each one works. While SEO experts might debate how much keywords influence rankings, they agree that the right keywords are essential to appearing in search engine listings at all. The first step in SEO maintenance plans is researching a list of keywords that are both appropriate to your industry and commonly searched for by web users. This research is repeated every few months to ensure your site is using the latest, most popular search terms.

If your site was not designed by Revolution Web, our SEO maintenance experts begin by analyzing your existing content. After cleaning up spelling and grammatical errors, we examine how keywords are placed in the text. Using words too often, not often enough or too close together can cause search engines to rate your site lower than desired.

Search Engine Ranking

We regularly see how your site ranks on the popular search engines. Search engines change their methods of ranking and a site which was #1 yesterday might suddenly be #99 today. If we notice a sudden drop in ranking, we re-evaluate your keywords and content to see how we can make changes to improve search engine performance.

Search engines rate active, dynamic sites better than websites which seldom change so we encourage our clients to regularly expand their sites by adding new content. Many companies add informational articles that teach customers how to choose between different equipment models or use their products better. For example a window blinds site might put up articles on decorating while a software training provider could post computer tips. These articles often expand the range of visitors who come to the site as well as improving search engine rankings.

Your company doesn't exist in a vacuum. While your position with the search engines is an important part of SEO maintenance plans, your position relative to your competitors is even more important. Ranking below an informational site such as Wikipedia isn't going to distract potential buyers, but ranking below another retailer will. We also analyze competing sites directly, looking at how they are using keywords and links to improve their search engine performance.

Traffic Studies

From an SEO maintenance point of view, all traffic is not created equal. A statistic like "a thousand visitors per day" is meaningless unless you understand who those visitors are, how they found your site, and whether or not they buy your products.

If you have steady stream of customers coming from forum activity of a professional association, increasing your presence there or participating in other professional forums could improve traffic even more. If you have few customers searching on certain keywords, it might be time to focus on different keywords which generate better traffic.

We research link opportunities with other relevant sites. Links from popular sites can bring a tremendous increase in both sales and search engine rankings, but it is important to get links from only the right sites. Links to or from "bad neighborhoods" on the internet can hurt performance.

If your search engine rankings aren't quite where you want them to be, call us at (954) 780-3711 and talk to one of our SEO maintenance experts about our SEO maintenance prices. You may be surprised to see how Revolution Web's services can sustain your site's popularity.

  SEO Maintenance Plans
  $350 /Month
  $650 / Month
  $1050 / Month
  $2500 / Month
Monthly Hours 16 Working Hours   35 Working Hours   72 Working Hours   160 Working Hours
Contract Period (Minimum) 3 month   3 month   3 month   1 month
Keyword Phrases Optimized 7   18   32   Unlimited