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Why Use Dedicated Programmers For Custom Software Development?

Many organizations find available software packages don't meet their needs. Products may not have the features desired or may not even exist for their particular application. They need a team of programmers to develop exactly the software they need.

Custom Software Development

Few companies need or can afford an internal programming team for custom software development, meaning most custom software comes from outside contractors. The advantage is the organization can state exactly what features they need rather than trying to change company operations to fit the limitations of canned software.

Custom software products are more efficient than off the shelf software because custom applications aren't riddled with unnecessary extra code. Pre-existing products are meant to appeal to a broad customer base and include numerous features that most buyers never use. A custom application doesn't waste system resources with these extra elements.

Custom software development often means designing an application from scratch but it can also mean tweaking open source software such as Drupal to add extra capabilities.

Dedicated Programmers vs. Free Lance Programmers

Once a company has elected to pursue custom software development, the next question is whether to embark on a long-term partnership with dedicated programmers or hire freelancers to develop the product for a flat fee.

The down side of using freelancers is once they deliver the product there is no further support. After the application is installed, if aspects of the program need to be changed or new features added, a new agreement has to be reached. Custom software development isn't like building a car. Ongoing changes are the rule rather than the exception.

Contracting with Revolution Web gives you dedicated programmers that lead to a more effective development process. We can offer full or part time programmers according to the requirements of the project and we well be there as long as you need us.

Benefits of Revolution Web's Programmers

Our professional and reliable programming teams have experience in a wide range of technologies including:

ASP dedicated developers dedicated programmers dedicated developers
VB dedicated developers
PHP dedicated programmers
Joomla dedicated developers
X-Cart dedicated developers
Zen-cart dedicated developers
Drupal dedicated developers
DotNetNuke dedicated developers
CakePHP dedicated developers
Ajax dedicated developers
ROR dedicated developers
Magento dedicated developers
Android dedicated developers
iPhone dedicated programmers

Each project has a project manager who coordinates all activities and ensures our clients are happy with our work. You retain full rights to and ownership of the work we do and we do not claim any share of it.

Software should fit the company and not the other way around. Contact Revolution Web at (954) 780-3711 for a free consultation about our custom software design services.

Prices Junior Programmer
Full-Time PHP Programmer $1400 per month
Full-Time ASP Programmer $1650 per month
Full-Time ASP.NET Programmer $2200 per month
Prices Senior Programmer
Full-Time PHP Programmer $1600 per month
Full-Time ASP Programmer $1800 per month
Full-Time ASP.NET Programmer $2400 per month
Full-Time PHP Programmer - Magento Expert $3800 per month

Full-time programmers work 8 hours per day, 5 days per week.
The programmer assigned to your work will exclusively work for you throughout your daily service period, and would not be assigned to any other customer during that time.

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